Boris Johnson’s Power Grab

Boris Johnson trying to grab more power, by trying to pass a bill that would allow the government to overturn any dissection by the courts.

This cannot be allowed to happen.
There is a reason why we have separation of power, and that is to prevent abuse of power by the government.

Imagine if you would, that one of Boris Johnson’s friend was sentenced by the courts for been a kiddy fiddler.
He would then have the ability to overturn the courts verdict, allowing for his kiddy fiddler friend to get away scot free for his or her crime.

Remember with the government, its one rule for us and another rule for them.
There already break there own rules, and this is affront to the people that have voted this government into power.

Sign the Petitions below and lets try and stop this.

HALT the Government Power-Grab

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Google reCAPTCHA – Contact Me Form

Just finished working on a contact me script, that will let anyone that visits my site send me an email.

And this also protected from spammers and bots via the use of google reCAPTCHA (Which was the hardest part about setting up).

I’ve also used other elements like the strip_tags() element in PHP and restricting the numbers of characters that can be used on the form. (Though this could be worked on even more to provide more protections from attacks.

Its a simple design layout for the form that I will be working on time with CSS to improve its looks.

I will also be doing a redesign of it too, so people can download and use the script.

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Welcome to State of Mind

Welcome to State of Mind.
This is my personal website that I use to learn web design and get to try out new stuff like designing scripts using PHP.
One script I’ve finished writing is called DrCode and was designed to make it easier to workout what the 8 digit code is to get DR Status in a game called Final Fantasy XI.

My name is Steven Clough and I’m a Landscape Photographer, Waiter and I’m currently learning Web Design.
I started web design back in 1999 using a notepad, but that was a long time ago, and now with mobile phones and small screens, I’m now not only designing for a computer monitor, but for a smartphone screen too.

You can check out my photography page here

Also with this website, I will be blogging about all sorts of things that interest me.
And this site is not just about Web Design, just the main reason for it existing.

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