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The Police

I’ve always had a bad experence with the police from since I was a child, from that time I was beaten by a guy who was 16 years of age at the time and I was only 10.
Their said their could not do anything about it, despite been assaulted.
And there was other instances as a child too.

Anyway as I became an adult I had my next encounter, where I was hit around the head with a metal bar by a group of guys who took everything of me and then try to force be down a dark ally.
But someone from a train single box spotted it all happening, and the guys ran off, and the police was called.
It took the police to come to me, I was scared and alone and at this point the guys would have been long gone.
Yet nothing got done.
I had experence another theft but nothing could be done about it and will not be talking about it here.

Then a few years later, on my way home in the middle of the night, I ended up getting mugged and my jaw broken.
The police came to see me at the hospital and I was able to give such a good description of the guy the police said it sounded like a guy called Chalky White and after a few months the police rang and said there will no longer be pursuing the matter.

Then at an older age, just broken up with my ex wife and she would not leave me alone, no matter what I block her on, she would always find a way to make contact with me.
I got the police involved, there said there would talk to her.
My Ex Wife still tried to contact me, so I rang the police up again and there said there did not go down to speak to her and there did not sound interested in dealing with this stalking and harassment.

And Finally at work we had a customer threating violence on staff and the management team.
The police was called and there said, “What do you want us to do about it?” (How about you do your fucking job and arrest this guy for breach of peace), in the end next door security helped us out and did what the police could not be bothered to do.

So this is why I had no respect for the police, or any confident in there ability to do there job.
The police reeks with corruption and only have there self interest at heart.

You here about it in the papers where people are getting arrested for hate crimes (There goes the freedom of speech).
People getting arrested for taking photos or videos of police doing there job in a public place. Arresting them under the terrorist act and then letting them ago after 48 hours with no charges.
If that’s not abuse of power, I don’t know what is.

So if you are a police officer and you are reading this, this is why I have no respect.
And this is just a very small fraction of the crap I had to deal with and the lack of trust from reading and hearing stories about people getting arrested when there did nothing wrong and people not getting arrested when there broken the law because you are afraid of them.


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