Sunday, 19 April 2020

Stuck at home due to Covid19 outbreak.

Been stuck at home due to Covid19 outbreak is not all that bad.
For one thing, I'm not spending as much money anymore, and  I've started to save up for my dream coffee machine.

Hell I've even stopped drinking Energy Drinks, but that's because I'm stuck at home and not allowed out accept to walk the dogs.
Since I'm classed as high risk due to having had Lung Cancer, and been asthmatic, my Girlfriend will not allow me to go to the shops.

But I don't mind at all, not been able to go out at all means I'm not spending money on transport, or snacks on my way to work or on one of my hikes.

I've even started to learn some new skills on Photoshop and on my Photography Hobby while I take photos at home and set up a mini studio.

Espresso Swirl

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