The Tower

Chapter 1: Fear is the mind killer

“Fear is our greatest enemy! For our greatest fear is never of others, but always of ourselves!”- The Book Of Blasphemy (Page 160).
The ominous darken blue sky of the astronomical twilight, striped the earth beneath it of colour and life. Leaving only the silhouette of the trees, robbed of its flush foliage, standing lifeless in the wind as it creeks and groans. A top of the hill, bathed in the dimly illuminated light of the full moon, stands an ancient medieval tower. The stones worn away by the eroding of the wind and the rain. There a very old burnt brown British oak door that looks as If it was several inches thick and stood the test of time. With a rustic iron ring door handle and hinges that look like it could fall off at any time, yet somehow it remains securely in place. And yet I sensed an overwhelming fear begin to rage within, as I’d venture closer to the foreboding door of the tower, knowing nothing of what could be inside, and yet my curiosity pushed me closer and closer towards the towering tower of the twilight. I felt the cold damp iron handle in my hand, as I open the heavy oak door, it began to creek like an old man resting his bones after a long day’s work. Yet I felt the urge to run away.
Inside the tower there was a worn spiral stone grey stair running along the right side of the cold damp walls, with touches flickering away as it burned at the wick. The air around me was cold and humid and every exhale of my breath, I could see the viper cloud blend into the surrounding air around me. As I looked to the left of me I saw that the stairs had no railings or banister, one slip and I could fall into the deep dark death of the void below. This should have worried me enough, but the tower had more worrisome trickery to throw at me. I noticed that a few feet away from me, that there was no more stairs. My curiosity, that is sure to kill me, compelled me to walk down the steps to the edge of the abyss. But to my surprise, as each step I took down the stairs, towards the abyss another step appeared, as if out of nowhere. As I carried on my descent in to what seems like madness, I grew even more fearful of the never ending stairs.
I stopped!
My breathing grew heavy and fast, as I tried to remain calm, but it was too late, at this point, fear and panic had already taken control, taking leave of my senses.
I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, but no matter how fast I ran, the stairs was never ending, never stopping, the abyss that was only a few feet away from me was there, tormenting me, never letting me near.
I stopped, again!
This time I decided to get out of the tower as fast as I could. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, but, then I noticed, the stairs behind me was disappearing, and the abyss, always only a few feet away from me, as if it was taking chase. The faster I ran the faster the stairs disappeared.
I stopped, yet again!
I decided to walk back down the stairs to see what would happen, why, at this time, I would find that my curiosity still tempt my fate. As I suspected, the stairs in front of me started to appear again, one by one as I took each step down, the abyss always a few feet away from me. I started to run back up the stairs towards to tower door and as I ran up the stairs, the steps behind me began to vanish behind me. I ran and ran, I kept on running, as fast as I could. But there was no door, I carried on running and running even more, faster as fast as my legs could take me. After running for what seems like an eternity, I came to realise that I would have already reached the door by now.
The door! What door? There was no door! How do I get out? I’m trapped in this tower for ever.

Chapter 2:

My heart is racing, I’m overwhelmed with fear. I am no longer in the tower, how the hell did I manage to get out of there? There was no door and yet here I am, where am I?
I realise that I am laying down, there is a duvet cover over me and I can feel the soft pillow behind my head, I’m staring at the ceiling and I’m paralyzed with fear. Looking around with just my eyes I start to realise I’m in my own bed. It’s almost pitch black and I can just make out the shapes and shadows around me. Paralyzed with fear I can just about move my head around, I can see the plush toys at the bottom of my bed staring at me, I feel an evil present about them as there stare do nothing to comfort me, but only to exacerbate the fear even more. Around me I can see the curtains to the window dimly lit, letting a fragment of the street light pear through the slight opening in the curtain. The draws with a mirror, only severed to reflect the shadows that stork the bedroom I’m in and just next to it, the light switch cord.
I must get up, I must overcome this fear, and turn the light on quick. Wrestling with the idea of what could be lurking in the shadow, I quickly sprang out of bed and ran towards to cord… I quickly turned the light on and just as quick as I got up to turn the lights on, I was back on top of the bed wrapped up in my duvet covers.
As I started to look around the plush toys that once looked at me menacingly in the dark, now look at me in a cute and comforting way as if there was there to protect me all along. There was no evil in this room, it was my bedroom. I looked in the mirror on top of the draws whilst in my bed and I see not a dark evil shadow that was watching me. But myself a young boy of 12 years of age, with bright blue eyes that would normally
sparkly with joy, but distilled with fear from the nightmare and dark blond hair and a pale completion from the ordeal of the darken dreams.
As I calmed down I want back to bed, but this time I left the light on and stayed awake, warry of what had transpired in the world of my dreams.
Morning already? I don’t remember falling back to sleep. I do not want another dream like that again.

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