Stressed out Introvert

Been stressed out is never a nice feeling, but when you’re an introvert, it’s even worse.

I’ve been quite stressed out these past two weeks and no way of escaping it.
The days of I’ve been given over my working weeks has not alloted me sufficient time to escape into myself. And I find that just as I’m about to reconnect with myself and become a more contempt person, I find myself thrown back in to the pursuing chaos of work, bring though all the stress, bubbling back to the surface again.

I was even sent home early at one point as the pressure and stress of work took a toll on my health and my recent recovery from lung cancer.

Today I was on the train, to visit my girlfriend and was looking out the windows, with my body sprawled out on the table. Thinking of how great it felt to be on this quite train, just traveling and how it would be great if I could spend a lot longer on this train ride, lost in my own thoughts.

I am on the brink of snapping and about to let loss all my bottled up emotions and feelings and just to tell the next person to hit that button how “Fucking pissed off I am! And how everyone should leave me the fuck alone!”, But this is not the ideal situation I should be in or anyone in the firing line of.

And as I sit here, writing my blog, and drinking my “Caramelised Almond Brittle Latte” at Nero. I find myself drifting into myself, into my safe place, my sanctuary, and feeling more at ease with myself and the waves of stress, washing away from me like the tide washing over the beach, taking away the seaweed with it on the beach.

We should not be experiencing this much stress in our life and more so on a minimum wage job.

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