Customer Service Introvert

I use to work in a kitchen and as an introvert, I was in my element.
Working in a small team, and working on my own to get the job done, I was able to shine.

But after the operation on my lungs, to remove cancerous tumor, I was strongly advise to not work in a smokey envroment.
And this is where my role from a griller to a front of house staff changed.

From this point onwards, I would be dealing with customers all the time, but it is something I have done in the past and as such, I’ve got the experience to do the job.
The problem I have is that when I’m dealing with customers, and I’m being sincere in my approach, I feel like a fake.

From the way I try to smile, to speeking to the customer from eye contact to how I move my body.
Its really hard to explain this, as it just feels so wiered and like I said, fake.

So after thinking about the social anxiety problem, I should just try to be myself, no matter what anyone else thinks or say.
Then one day I had a very good shift, if not a very tiering one, since it was a very busy shift that day. I felt true to myself that day and felt like I had made a diffrent.
I was mentaly orgainzied, I had a list in my mind that kept shifting as diffrent prioraty changed, and was matching that to the list in my head and was able to keep focused and motavated.

Now I still noticed my body movment and the way I talked felt fake still when I was dealing with the customer, but it was not as noticable from my point of view.
But this was a better day for me than that last few days.

Now I just can’t wait for my next day off where I can hop abord on a train to some place remote, so I can enjoy a good hike with my camera take some fantastic view, and spending quility “Me Time”.

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