Lung Cancer

Last year I went to the Dr with a constant cough.
I went in expecting to get some kind of stronger cough medicine, but was surprised to be sent to the hospital for a chest x-ray.

After looking at the x-ray, there noticed there was something on my lung, a shadow.
So there wanted a CT scan and after a few days there wanted to do a biopsy on me. This meant I had to have a tube down my throat and into my lungs to take a sample.

It turned out that I had a cancerous tumor on my lower right lung that was causing me to cough all the time.
So after a few more scans, I had an appointment to have my lower right lung removed.

Two week ago I had that operation.
And it was not without complications.
A routine operation should have taken 3 to 4 hours tock almost 11 hours after the surgeon noticed that my lower right lung was fused to my rib cage (which was caused my a server chest infection that I had in my life (and explains why I was always getting a chest infection on that side of my chest.)).

I work up in the HDU (High dependency Unit) at Leeds St James Hospital, with tubes in my hand, lungs and penis.
I was pretty much out of it for almost 2 days, and while I was not in a lot of pain due to the amount of pain killers I was on, I did feel uncomfortable and hardly able to move.

After spending 24 hours in the HDU, I was moved to a normal ward where I was encouraged to walk around a bit and use my Spiro-Ball (a device to train my lungs to breath better).
I also had my catheter removed (tube up the urethra in the penis, that helps remove urine from the bladder), but since I was unable to pee, the DR had to put a new one back in.
It was painful and very uncomfortable as there put the new catheter in, even with the numbing gel used.

Well the day after that, there removed the tube coming out of my chest, and I just broke down in tears before there even started it. I was just so scared, and worried about the pain and the hole it would leave.
I was worried that if there pulled it out, that I would have a hole in my lung where I would struggle to breath etc…
But it was not that bad at all, there numbed the area, was told to take a deep breath in and hold it.
There give it a strong tug and yanked it out. The pain was overwhelming but the pain was gone as soon as it started.
There stitched it up and put a dressing on it.
At this point the only tube that was left was the catheter.

The day after that, I broke down in tears and was at my lowest point in my mood, since been in hospital and since a long time. But lucky for me my girlfriend was there for me when I needed her the most.
At this point, I felt vulnerable and needed the emotional support.
This was because of the discomfort of the catheter.
After my girlfriend spoke to the nurse about this, was checked out and everything seemed to be ok, so there give me some numbing gel to help with the discomfort.

By friday I was feeling a lot better and was more alert, but because I could not empty my bowels there wanted me to try a suppository then an enema to help empty my bowels.
After I was able to move my bowels the catheter came out and I was able to urinate on my own.
Since all this happened on a Saturday night, I was not discharged from hospital till Sunday.

Now all that is left if to rebuild my strength and get back to how I use to be, this is a slow progress and will also have to be gradually introduce back to work after my recovery time.

Now I’m cancer free and find that simply getting dressed is physically exhausting.
But this will not always be the case and is because I’m breathing with 1 2/3 of my lungs now.

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