Whitby to Scarborough – The Two Day Hike

A few days ago I went on a two day hiking holiday that was cut short by the bad weather.
This youtube video of mine, is a short documentary of the adventure I went on.

The Holiday began with me catching a Train from Bradford interchange to Leeds, Leeds to York, York to Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough to Whitby.
From there I started to hike along the coastal trail from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay.

In Robin Hood’s Bay, I stayed the night.
I was going to carry on the trail to Scarborough, but because the weather was so bad, I end up catching a bus to scarborough.
In Scarborough, the heavens open up and within a few minutes I was soaked to the bones.
I stayed the night in Scarborough, where the weather was miles better by 4pm and I started to explore that evening and the next day after I dried myself off.

The train ride back was more straightforward, with a train from Scarborough to Leeds and Leeds to Bradford Interchange.

This Youtube video, is my story of my adventure.
Please watch it and share it.

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