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Rude Customers not welcomed

So when I’m at work, I do not expected to be treated like shit by a customer, or anyone for that matter.
I don’t hurl abuse at customers or talk to them like crap, if I did, I would have been sacked from my job along time ago.

All I expect is some respect.
A lot of staff in the customer server sector are paid minimum wage, yet there are the ones that get the most abuse from customers. whether that’s in Retail, Catering or the Entertainment sector.

Now if you have an issue that has made you angry, talk to the staff about it (politely and calmly). Do not swear at the staff or hurl abuse, because that will be a quick and sure way to get kicked out, or at best, experence a worse experence in the restaurant or shop, as the staff are less likely to want to help you and would more likely just ignore you, or deal with you in a blunt and direct way.

It was been a very long time since I had a customer have a go at me for doing my job and then start swearing at me as if the customer was some 5 year old having a temper tantrum.
I do not make the rules, I just try to provide a wonderful experence within the guidelines and rules of the companies I work for. There is no need to be rude or start swearing at me.

If you don’t like away a company runs its business, that is fine, there are other places you can go.
But you think its acceptable to have a temper tantrum as a fully grown adult is just ridiculous, and makes you look like the bad person here.

It just makes my blood boil when I have to deal with people that have no respect for anyone and somehow think there can do what there like.
These type of customers are fucking cunts, the lot of them.
Would there like it if a customer at there workplace spoke to them like this?

Don’t be a cunt, we got too many in this world already, and some of them are running this country to the ground.

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Covid rules to be relaxed over Christmas in UK

I don’t post much on this site, and its for many reasons.

  1. I’m lazy and always procrastinating
  2. Find it hard to find something I want to talk about
  3. Same as number 1.

But besides all that I should at lest try.
So what I’m annoyed at, at the moment is that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is going ahead with the relaxing of lockdown rules over the Christmas period.
While over Eid and Diwali the lockdown was still in place.
There was no easing of lockdown or changes to the rules, just over Christmas.
I can understand that Christmas is a UK Holiday compare to over religious holiday, so much so that its ore of a national holiday rather than a religious one.
But still its not fare on others.

But what really annoying about it is, the stupidly of the UK population and that the Boris Johnson as said to keep it to minimum if you can.
Even though he’s relaxing the rules over Christmas and the problems that will come from it.
He could have easily have stuck to the lockdown rules, and save lives, protect the NHS.

But he’s not budging on it, and I will expect a spike in Covid cases because of this.
I also expect that he will blame the people of this country, rather than him self for allowing this to happen in the first place.

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80s best time to be alive

I think 80s was the best time to be alive!

Back then we had the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Master System.
These where some great video game consoles of there time and there produced amazing games like, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and on of my all time favourite and wacky game Parodius on the SNES.


Then there was the TV Shows like Knightmare, Jamie and the magic touch, Fun House, Art Attack, Noel Edmonds house party, Trap Door, Simon and the Witch, Watching, Duty Free, Faulty Tower, Mr Bean and much much more.


We also had great comics like The Beano and The Dandy and one comic that failed as soon as it started called The Bog Paper (which was toilet humour).
Then there was the 80s music, just doing a Spotify of the 80s hits and you get artist like Michal Jackson, Madonna to name a few as the wonderful sound of electronic, synth and pop music to get your arse gyrating on the spot. (
The Streets was a lot cleaner back then. People back then had respect for there community and how it looked. next doors kids use to play sports together on the back streets, sleep overs, coming over for tea (Yes tea not fucking dinner, dinner is what you eat in the afternoon, tea is what you eat in the evening). And when I was a kid there was this Muslim kid I hanged out with, and he showed me the kind of food there eat during the holidays like this coconut pudding that had sultaness in it.
Hell even in the 90s when I was grown up, getting a job was so easy, as we did not need to prove that we live in the UK and had the right to work in the UK.
But on the bright side of todays jobs, its a lot harder to get sacked nowadays which is good against Bosses that would fire there employees with out any real reason.
So for me the 80s was a good time growing up, and we grew up with out the internet, we had to use the landline phone to ring the parents of the girl you liked and ask to speak to them, the conversation was not private as the phone was in the living room, where everyone could hear what you where saying. Back then everyone knew if you had a girlfriend and you could not hide for that fact.
Do you have any fond memories of the 80s and what did you like about the 80s?
leave a comment below and let me know.

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Stuck at home due to Covid19 outbreak.

Been stuck at home due to Covid19 outbreak is not all that bad.
For one thing, I’m not spending as much money anymore, and  I’ve started to save up for my dream coffee machine.

Hell I’ve even stopped drinking Energy Drinks, but that’s because I’m stuck at home and not allowed out accept to walk the dogs.
Since I’m classed as high risk due to having had Lung Cancer, and been asthmatic, my Girlfriend will not allow me to go to the shops.

But I don’t mind at all, not been able to go out at all means I’m not spending money on transport, or snacks on my way to work or on one of my hikes.

I’ve even started to learn some new skills on Photoshop and on my Photography Hobby while I take photos at home and set up a mini studio.

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