Keep on living

Looking back at my life I had an amazing life. It’s so easy to forget the good times you had, but maybe that’s because we learn more from our failures than we do from our success. So dig out your old photos and take a look at the blast from the past and remember there […]

Tirana Aqua Park Resort

Tirana Aqua Park Resort – Egypt A few years ago I went on holiday to Egypt, and we stayed at the hotel, Tirana Aqua Park Resort in Sham el Sheikh, Nabq Bay. When we landed in Egypt after a 6 hours flight, what hit me straight away was that, despite it been the middle of […]

Whitby to Scarborough – The Two Day Hike

A few days ago I went on a two day hiking holiday that was cut short by the bad weather. This youtube video of mine, is a short documentary of the adventure I went on. The Holiday began with me catching a Train from Bradford interchange to Leeds, Leeds to York, York to Middlesbrough and […]